Finance Movies for Binge-watching

Movies have regularly taught us about love, family, friends, aliens and superheroes. Surprisingly, movies have also taught us about Finance. And movies are one of the best ways to fall in love with Finance. The following is a list of Hollywood movies about Finance that caught our attention:


  1. The Big Short


(Source: IMDb)


When Christian Bale was not busy saving Gotham as Batman, he was portraying the character of a hedge fund manager, Michael  Burry,  in a movie called “The Big Short”.  The movie teaches us  how  5 people  in U.S.A., who had the knowledge of finance and  took the risk of betting against the mortgage backed securities , gained money while the entire world collapsed into the financial crisis.


2. Margin Call


(Source: IMDb)


Kevin Spacey, aka Frank Underwood of “House of Cards” fame, was seen in the movie “Margin Call” which teaches us the dark side of wall street. The film revolves around an unnamed firm which sells its worthless assets so that it can survive in the market. The firm has 3 strategies to survive- Be First, Be Smarter and Cheat. The film shows the role of a risk manager and how he can actually predict the future.


3. Arbitrage


(Source: IMDb)


Richard Gere of “Runaway Bride” fame starred in a movie called Arbitrage which talks about acquisitions and how due diligence is important. Due diligence is nothing but evaluating the books of the company and “discovering skeletons in the closet”, if any. The film protagonist tries to hide the investment loss his firm has suffered before selling it off for a handsome profit. These incidences do happen in real life and the movie has tried to make us aware of the same.


4. Moneyball


(Source: IMDb)


The famous guy who stars in every girl’s dream aka Brad Pitt, also starred in the famous movie called Moneyball. Brad Pitt, who is the general manager at Oakland Athletics, wants to select new members to his team of baseball players. He turns to an economics graduate who has developed Sabermetrics as a way to analyze the value of the players.  This was the stepping stone to use Data Analytics in games.


5. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps


(Source: IMDb)


Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is a re-make of the famous 1987 hit ‘Wall Street’. The movie is about a convicted hedge fund manager, Michael Douglas (“The Game” fame) aka Gordon Gekko, who is released from jail. His daughter’s boyfriend, Shia LaBeouf (“The Transformers” fame), a budding hedge fund manager himself, looks to Gekko as a mentor. What lengths will Gordon Gekko go to to right the wrongs done to him?


Happy binge-watching!


This article was written by Apurva Kulkarni (PGDM, Batch 21, XIME-B)


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